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For Supremacy of God, Not For The Supremacy of People


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For the Supremacy of Allah and not the Supremacy of People

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful


These are the last days, the decisive moments and the days of the occurrence which either lift people up or drag them down. Some people have been growing so depraved that they settled at the bottom of the abyss, others started rising so much that they have almost reached and settled upon mountain peaks, and some others are intoxicated and confused, not belonging to any of the previous groups, rabbles who turn to every crowing. In these decisive moments, these times of the divine trial of the people of earth, most of those who claimed to be Islamic or representatives of Islam, in one way or another, have fallen. Unfortunately, the first to fall were the non-working scholars who kept repeating the demonic saying (the supremacy of people) that has always been reiterated by the enemies of the prophets, messengers and Imams pbut. Only this time, the Great Satan brought it up, so they liked its glamour and fell for it. He named it (democracy), liberty, free elections or any of the other designations that they could not reject. They succumbed to it and to its adherents for those non-working scholars and their followers have nothing more than insignificant and superficial knowledge of the religion. For them, religion is merely a reiteration and something empty to talk about.

That is how those inactive scholars took the Great Satan’s bayonet and planted it in the heart of Ali, the Commander of the Faithful pbuh and reopening the old wound caused by the Shura and the Saqifat Bani Saeda gathering that alienated Allah’s successor from his true right and approved the people’s supremacy which is not acceptable to Allah, His Prophet (pbuh) and Imams pbut. Thus, those non-working scholars approved the alienation of prophets, messengers and imams pbut, and oppressors approved the murder of al-Hussain bin Ali pbuh.

What hurts me the most is that I do not find anybody who stands up for the supremacy of Allah over His land. Even those who recognize this righteous supremacy have given up defending it because they found that in doing so, they are fighting against the violent and unmerciful current. The worst is that everyone recognizes the supremacy of people, and it is even approved by Muslims, unfortunately, except for the few who stayed true to Allah, even though they read the Quran,

Say, [O Allah, Lord of sovereignty, Thou givest sovereignty to whomsoever Thou pleasest.] [Surat Aal ‘Imraan 3:26]

Hence, these inactive scholars revoked the fundamental pillar of the divine religion, which is the supremacy of Allah and the succession of Allah’s Regent. Consequently, the household pbut (Ahl Al-Bayt), the successors of Allah on earth, and the last of their descendants the Imam al-Mahdi pbuh, would not exist according to the elections or the democracy adopted by those non-working scholars. In fact, those scholars revoked the Holy Quran completely for Allah stated in it: [I am making upon the earth a successor.] (Surat al-Baqara (The Cow) 2:30).

And whereas He revealed the constitution and the Law in the Quran, those non-working scholars say that the ruler or the successor of Allah is to be appointed by the people through elections, and so is the constitution to be drawn up by them. Thus, not only did those inactive scholars oppose Allah’s religion but they have refuted Allah Himself and stood by Satan’s side (may Allah curse him).

This is why I thought I should write these words in order to keep any objector from finding excuses and to shed the light on the subject for all to see, even though the truth is clear and free from any ambiguity. Moreover, I ask Allah to make these words one of His arguments on the Day of Resurrection against these inactive scholars, their imitators, those who followed them and fought Allah and the family of Muhammad pbut, approved their followers, the idols and Satan, and approved the alienation of Regent Ali bin Abi Taleb pbuh and the Imams of His descendants pbut.

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

[Praise to Allah, Lord of the Worlds. And he who submits himself completely to Allah, and is a doer of good, he has surely grasped a strong handle. And with Allah rests the end of all affairs.] (Surat Luqman 31: 22).

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