Monday, August 7, 2017

About Us

We are known as Supporters of Imam Al-Mahdi and followers of Ahmed Al-Hasan. The following is what we preach and what we stand for:

  • We believe in oneness of God, the prophethood of Muhammad and the leadership of the God-appointed leaders after him. Their numbers are 24 as mentioned in many text from various religion.
  • We believe that God is All-Wise and All-Knowing, as such He will never leave His creation without a leader appointed by Him, at any time, that would lead His creation from darkness into light, that would protect them from going astray and guide them into monotheism, justice and equality all over the world.
  • This appointed leader exists in every time and age, and the world is never empty without an appointed leader.All appointed leaders are wise, infallible and guided by God. Throughout the the history, they were known as the prophets, messengers and the successors of God.
  • We believe in Islam as the perfect Divine Religion and Law, and the fruits of the past Divine Religion are what would bring monotheism, justice, freedom, equality all over the world. This law is divine in nature, and only a person with divine status can implement it, can interpret and understand it.
  • No fallible human can interpret the Divine Text and Law, as they only rely on conjecture, and will be astrayed. The chaos we are in today, are caused by the people that call themselves scholars, in their attempt to interpret and give verdicts from their own conjecture and opinions. Extremism and terrorism are products of fallible human attempts to interpret divine text, while ignoring the teachings of the Guided leaders.
  • We believe that Ahmed Al-Hasan is the 13th leader appointed by God from 24 appointed leaders mentioned in religious text. He is known as The Yamani in Shia text, The Mahdi in the end times from Sunni text, The Comforter  in the Christian text and the messenger of Elijah from the text of Judaism.

As such:

  • As we believed in divine politics and law, we do not recognize the religious legitimacy of any other type of political doctrine that are man-made, such as democracy or monarchy. History has proved time and time again, that any man-made political system will only bring corruption, injustice as well as oppression of the weak.
  • We believed that the current scholars and leaders of religion are not the true group of people that represented Religion of God. Religion of God, as we mentioned, are represented by the leader appointed by Him. Most of the scholars nowadays only use religion for their own worldly benefit, misguiding followers of God’s Religion from the true path, with their opinion and verdicts.

And our master, Ahmed Al-Hasan taught us to preach:

  • We preach to humanity, so that they return to Divine System approved by God, by accepting the leader appointed by Him and Law approved by him, so that justice and equality can be achieved, and corruption, injustice and tyranny can be eliminated. To achieve all of this, they must support and accept the leadership of this appointed leader.
  • We preach peace, justice, equality, and we are opposed to any form of corruption, injustice, oppression, extremism and God forbid, terrorism.

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