Monday, August 14, 2017

Atheism Delusion Ch. 1.2: The Opinions of the Men of Religion Regarding the Theory of Evolution

The Opinions of the Men of Religion Regarding the Theory of Evolution

Unfortunately, most of the clerics of the three Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) have taken the same stance toward Darwins theory as they took toward his predecessor Galileo. Time passed by Galileos theory of the earths spin, culminating with a heartbreaking tragedy because of the clerics who fought it and shed the blood of the scientists. And then, evidence of the earths spin accumulated to the point of having images of the earth spinning in space. Similarly, time has passed by regarding evolution, and scientific evidence (such as genetics) has accumulated to the point that denial of evolution is now just foolish and contemptible stubbornness. However, many clerics continue to rely on the ignorance of the people who listen to and follow them. Unfortunately, even today they reject evolution, the evidence from genetics and comparative anatomy, the study of unearthed animals and on top of all that, they even reject the evidence of a succession of fossils leading to beings that walked upright on two feet millions of years ago.

For biologists, all of this evidence is more than enough to prove evolution. Today, evolution is a scientific fact that is taught in schools and universities. Biologists no longer search for evidence to prove evolution. Instead, they investigate its mechanisms and history. In spite of this, many clerics continue to reject it without scientific proof or evidence to the contrary. As if they were not just satisfied with rejecting it, some of them have also declared that whoever believes in evolution is a disbeliever who should be put to death!

We will briefly examine the topic of evolution and the evidence supporting it. However, I just wish that those who call themselves scholars of religion, when rejecting the theory of evolution, would propose an alternate theory that is consistent with the established scientific facts of genetics, comparative anatomy, and fossils. If they would just look at the lungfish and the amphibious fish and tell us: did this fish evolve from the aquatic fish or not? What is the evidence for their point of view? They should also determine the timespan of human life from the creation of Adam pbuh until today. This is important because the proposed timespan should be consistent with their statements in which they deny evolution, and also with the scientific facts regarding the history of the genus Homo on the earth. It is now an unquestionable scientific fact that modern man is Homo sapiens. The origin of Homo sapiens as well as their history and route of migration out of Africa is well known, so those who deny evolution should at least give an approximate date of when Adam was created, and the location in which he first lived. Even an approximate location would be acceptable. Of course, the dates they provide must be based on the religious scriptures that they claim disprove evolution. At this point, they will find themselves unraveling the yarn that they have spun, and they will have no argument or proof other than provoking the pride and arrogance of man with statements like, Evolution claims that man descended from apes.

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