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Atheism Delusion Ch. 1.4: The Wahhabi Salafi Religion and Evolution

The Wahhabi Salafi Religion and Evolution

Abdul Aziz Ibn Abdullah Ibn Baz’s answer to a question on evolution:

Question: I always hear and read that man was a monkey in the beginning, then he passed through stages and changed into the modern man that we know today. Is this plausible or not? And are the origins (of man) a monkey—meaning the origins of the formation of its (the monkey’s) body are the same origins of the formations of man’s? Benefit us, may Allah [God] reward you with good.

Answer (by Sheikh Ibn Baz):

(With the Name of Allah (God, the Creator), the Most Merciful, the Bestower of Mercy)

Peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah [God], his family, his Companions, and whoever follows his guidance. As for what follows:

This statement that the questioner mentioned is rejected and false. It opposes the Book of Allah [God]—Exalted and Lofty is He—and the Sunnah of the Messenger—(we ask that) Allah [God] exalt him and raise his rank—and it opposes the consensus of the Salaf of the ummah [lit. predecessors of the nation, referring to the earliest generations of Muslims after the Prophet Muhammad]. And this statement has become known from the one called Darwin—and he is a liar in what he says.

Rather, the origin of man—his origin is known. His origin is not a monkey, nor other than a monkey. Rather, he is man—upright, intelligent—Allah (God, The Creator) created him from  clay (water and soil), from earth [dust]. That is our father—Adam—peace be upon him—Allah [God] created him from earth (soil) [dust].

As Allah [God]—Exalted and Lofty is He—said (translated):

“And indeed We created man (Adam) out of an extract of clay (water and earth)” (Al-Mu’minun, The Believers, 23:12).

He is created from this soil [dust]. Allah [God] created him with his image—his height was sixty cubits (90 feet)—60 cubits tall. Then the creation began to decrease (in height) until now . . . So his (Adam’s) children are like him—created in the form of their father (Adam). They have hearing, they have sight, they have intellects, and they have the stature that you see today—they walk on their legs. They speak, hear, see, and eat with their hands. . . .

They aren’t in the shape of monkeys, nor the form of monkeys. They (people) have a specific form which befits them. And likewise is every species (community):

The monkeys are a separate species

The pigs are a separate species

Likewise are the dogs, donkeys, cats, and the species other than them

“There is not a moving (living) creature on earth, nor a bird that flies with its two wings, but are communities like you. We have neglected nothing in the Book, then unto their Lord they (all) shall be gathered” (Al-An’am, The Cattle, 6:38).

These species (communities)—all of them will be gathered before Allah [God] and collected together on the Day of Resurrection—some of them will give detailed accounts about others

Then it will be said to them (the animals): Be dirt!

So they will become dirt (soil)—except for the Jinn and Mankind—theirs is a different situation. They will be called to account and recompensed for their actions. So whoever obeyed his Lord (worshiping only Him as a Muslim) then he (or she) will go to Paradise. And whoever disbelieved in his Lord (by worshiping others with Him or disbelieving in His existence, for example) then he (or she) will go to the fire.

As for these animals, then they are separate species. The monkeys are a separate species which has its own essential nature, its own origin, its own characteristics. And likewise are the pigs, dogs, donkeys, camels, cows, and sheep. And likewise the species (each) have their (different) forms and distinct characteristics which Allah [God] has created for it—He is Free from all deficiencies and defects—and He is the Most Wise, the All-Knowing. And He sees best the details. . . .

The details of their structures (make-ups)—He has more insight into this and knows it better (than everyone)—He is the Most High and Free from all deficiencies and defects. But it is obligatory that the servant (the human being) believes that the creation of Adam was not like the creation of monkeys. And that the origin of Adam is the same origin which he is upon today —his origin was not a monkey, nor other than that. Rather, he is man, upright in his form. . . .

He possesses intellect, he possesses hearing, he possesses sight, he possesses the known senses like smelling, touch, taste, and other than that from what Allah [God] created him with. So the statement that his origin is a monkey is a rejected statement, a false statement. And if it were said that the one who said this was a kaafir [disbeliever], it would be a well-founded statement. For what is most apparent—and Allah [God] knows best—is that the one who says this while knowing what the legislation (Quran and Sunnah) has brought, then he is a disbeliever because he has belied Allah [God] and His Messenger and he has belied the Book of Allah [God]—He is the Most High and Free from all deficiencies and defects. (Ibn Baz 1977)

Unfortunately, Ibn Baz and many Wahhabi sheikhs are still behind in terms of their capacity to comprehend. He is trying to respond to a scientific issue proven with scientific evidence by using ambiguous religious scripture that could be understood to be in agreement with science. And this is just a repetition of the drawn out statements Ibn Baz made about the earth’s spin. What should we call this?!

Although Ibn Baz rejected the theory of evolution, he unwittingly admitted to it when he said the following concerning the human being:

He is created from this soil [dust]. Allah [God] created him with his image—his height was sixty cubits (90 feet)—60 cubits tall. Then the creation began to decrease (in height) until now.

Aside from the fact that this statement is filled with ignorance and is false, what is of interest to me here is that Ibn Baz says that the height of man has definitely changed from sixty cubits to the current height. By saying this, he admitted to the theory of evolution, especially since this change in body size is a direct result of the laws of evolution. I repeat: the claim that the height of man was sixty cubits is invalid and false, and his statement that the body of Adam was created in the image of God is an anthropomorphization that is untrue, and the faith of whoever believes in this anthropomorphization is deviated.

I do not see the need to convey the rest of the statements of the Wahhabis like Ibn Uthaymeen because they insist that the theory of evolution is false, and they declare that whoever believes in it is a disbeliever, even though they do not offer any scientific evidence to disprove the theory. This is not unusual coming from them, as it is the savage and barbaric way of the Wahhabi sheikhs to proclaim others to be disbelievers and to give the murderers and killers from among their followers permission to slay them. This method of theirs is the greatest evidence of their ideological, intellectual, and scientific defeat. They lack the ability to understand what the rest of humanity has presented, let alone the ability to respond in a scientific manner.

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